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Welcome to a virtual gallery that celebrates the fusion of form, function, and artistic ingenuity of Wisam Alsamad’s artistry. Explore the essence of his artistic vision as you browse through a curated selection of 6 exquisite art pieces per collection. 

Wisam has created many more remarkable pieces that you can explore in the future. Wisam's artistry transcend the ordinary, blending traditional techniques with contemporary flair to create unique and timeless works of art. Enjoy the Gallery! 


A Light of Mesopotamia

Artistic skill blends with technical prowess, infusing life into modern ceramic creations inspired by his Mesopotamian heritage. Overcoming challenges, he employs a complex method, achieving a diverse color palette. Wisam's journey between the Arabic East and European West reflects in his work, harmonizing contrasts of roughness and softness, warmth and coolness.

Utilizing inter-spaces in his ceramic units, he orchestrates a captivating visual symphony through light and movement. Rooted in symbolism, his creations embody a continuous duality, blending Eastern emotion with Western contemporary aesthetics. Wisam's relentless pursuit of the avant-garde is evident in his innovative approach, offering a visual journey marked by discovery and passion for the new.

The Path of Love

In the artistic realm of Wisam, the essence of love takes center stage as he passionately explores its multifaceted expressions through a captivating collection. Inspired by the profound beauty of Arabic language and culture, Wisam meticulously crafts each piece to embody a unique facet of love. Through a harmonious blend of diverse glazes and distinct artwork shapes, he intricately weaves a visual narrative that transcends conventional boundaries.

The hallmark of his creations lies in the distinctive calligraphy style executed by Cloth, lending an air of individuality to every artwork. As the collection unfolds in exhibition, a mesmerizing wave emerges, symbolizing the enchanting journey of love. The delicate dots, adorned with a sliver glaze, add a touch of brilliance, further enhancing the allure of each piece. Wisam's collection is a testament to his unwavering commitment to capturing the poetic nuances of love, creating a timeless visual symphony for art enthusiasts to behold.

Meet Love

The art pieces are reminiscent of stone carvings, each piece bearing the imprint of human touch on its textured surface, skillfully conveying the profound nuances of subtle emotions like love. In exploring the theme of love, Wisam draws upon the linguistic richness of Arabic, where numerous synonyms for love exist, adding layers of cultural depth to his work. The varied shapes within his collections contribute to a tapestry of diversity, simultaneously challenging and transcending the boundaries set by tradition.

Through a masterful blend of tradition and innovation, Wisam invites viewers to witness the fusion of tactile artistry and emotional resonance, creating a collection that is not only visually captivating but also a testament to the universal language of human connection embedded in every carefully crafted piece.

Windows of The Soul

Wisam fearlessly redefines the traditional pottery boundaries. Through meticulous dedication and innovative techniques, such as using dissolved gold for unique oxidized effects. Wisam shapes a transformative artistic landscape. Inspired by European cities and the city vibe of Baghdad, his creations deliberately resemble stone carvings, blending modern and traditional elements.

Symbols and emotions convey mysticism, rituals, and ancient Iraqi totem symbols, weaving a vibrant cultural tapestry. Each artwork, marked by intentional treatments, reflects Wisam's distinctive material relationship, inviting viewers on an enthralling journey through symbolic narratives. This collection encapsulates the essence of his exotic and transformative artistic odyssey, offering a visual spectacle that transcends conventional boundaries.

Spirit of Geometric